Thursday, January 6, 2011


There are those moments in life when you open your mouth and you immediately hope no one heard what you said.  I had the electronic version of one of those moments yesterday. 
I was reading Chris’ BTWG blog yesterday and about his commitment to meditating every day for the next 365.  I’ve done some meditation.  A couple of years ago Chris came to Lilly and we met early in the morning and meditated.  It was my first experience with meditation.  That was reinforced when I went thru the first BTWG class.  I feel an affinity to meditation but do find it difficult to “find the time”.  I find it difficult to let go of the feeling that I ought to be doing something.
I had read the first couple of his posts about meditating and the idea started bouncing around in my head…. Could I do it?   What’s so hard about sitting and doing nothing?  
Then I read his Day 4 post.  Long day, noisy house, frustration….it would have been so easy not to do it.  (That felt so familiar to me.)  But Chris dragged his butt to the cushion and did it!!  In a moment of over-exuberance I thought I’ll do it too!  So, I typed a quick little comment about how he had inspired me to do the same…….. then I set there with my finger on the “Submit” button….. I sat there for several minutes…. Not wanting to back down but afraid to commit.  I thought that maybe I would not post the commitment but would just try to do it on my own.  But, I realized that by doing that I was avoiding the commitment and allowing myself a quiet escape if I failed.   
Not this time. 
I commit to meditating a minimum of 10 minutes every day for the next 365.

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